Fundraiser Info

Fundraiser Information

Here is a brief description of the current fundraiser’s that we are working on.  To make payment or donation for anything, please use the following link.

We Are Now Able to Take Payments & Donations Online! Follow the Link Below to Proceed.

Payment & Donation Options

ALL documents can be accessed here (Link):

  • 2022 Golf Registration (Link)
  • 2022 Golf Brochure (Link)
  • Little Hammers Camp (Link)
  • Musselman Football Sponsorship Brochure (Link)
  • Musselman Football Donations Letter (Link)
  • Discount Cards:  The 2021 Discount cards will be available soon!!  Each player will receive a pack of 10 cards, which sell for $10 per card. Remember for each pack sold (10 cards) players get to keep 30$. Once players have sold their 10 cards, they can get another pack. Keep selling and keep earning your players some cash.
  •  These cards will pay for themselves possibly in just one use!  Remember, BOGO at Sky Zone is included!!!
    • Any businesses interested in being listed on our cards, please use this form (Link).  Feel free to ask any questions